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Dr. Haihe Tian: A.P.(Florida), Diploma of Acupuncture(NCCAOM), M.D.(China), B.S., M.S., Ph.D. of TCM, Professor. Dr. Tian is the 31st Ph.D. of Chinese medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology in China by following the most famous TCM experts. Taught and practiced Chinese medicine in the affiliated hospital of Beijing University of TCM. Started to practice and teach acupuncture in America since 1997. Treated over 100 thousand patients in China and America . Special at treating Automobile accident injury, Pain management, internal medicine, oncology, geriatric, allergic and immune diseases. Also good at treating addiction of smoking and drugs, weight loss, etc. He had served as Board member of American Association of Oriental Medicine(AAOM)--- the largest national Acupuncture association, committee of herbal medicine; Academic dean, clinical Director and professor of TCM school in Tampa bay; National certified CNT instructor; CCAOM(TCM schools association) committee member of Doctoral program, herbal medicine, core courses and CNT; ACAOM (TCM schools accreditation)site visitor; Acupuncture Today new TCM books reviewer. Had published 60 professional papers and 20 medical books as an author or co-author. Has offered over 300 times CEU seminars at national and state levels' conferences. He is the president of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine American Alumni Association(BUCMAAA), the president of TCM American Alumni Aliance(TCMAAA).

Dr. QingRong Li: A.P. (Florida), Diploma of Acupuncture(NCCAOM). M.D.(China), B.S. of TCM, Professor. Dr. Li graduated from the best TCM school in China----- Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology, six-year full-time program(over 7000 hours)'s training which she got her Degree of Doctor of Medicine Practiced and taught in the best and largest TCM hospital in China---- the affiliated hospital of Beijing University of TCM as a chief doctor. About 20 years study, teach and practice acupuncture experience in TCM field. Started to practice and teach Acupuncture in America since 1998. Total treated over 100 thousand patients in China and America.  Special at  Pain management, OB/GYN diseases, Pediatric neurological disorders, weight loss, addictions, fibromyolgia, auto-immune diseases, and etc. Published 20 professional papers and 12 medical books as an author or co-author. Member of China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, member of Chinese Medical Association and member of Chinese Medicine Association.

Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs Center, P.A. is adding a fulltime acupuncturist. Please apply here or email your resume to

The candidate shall perform:

1.     Conduct one-to-one consultations with patients, take a detailed case history, study the patient's symptoms, take the pulse and see the tongue to aid diagnosis, make a diagnosis in Chinese medicine and plan for treatment plans.

2.     Run treatment sessions.

3.     Apply acupuncture needles techniques. Such as filiform needle in acupuncture, plum blossom needle, electro-acupuncture, ear acupuncture technique, scalp acupuncture technique, hands acupuncture technique, abdominal acupuncture technique and five elements acupuncture method.

4.     Apply other techniques related to acupuncture. Such as cupping, Guasha, Tuina, acupressure, ear seeds and moxibustion.

5.     By using the acupuncture techniques to stimulate the special points, make the qi (energy) flow along meridians smoothly and stimulate the body's own healing response.

6.     To specialize in pain management, weight loss, infertility, sinusitis, stroke rehabilitation, gastrointestinal disorders, neurological and stress-related disorders.

7.     Solve special acupuncture technique issues and train acupuncturist interns. 

The candidate shall have an equivalent bachelor’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine from an accredited university or college of Chinese traditional medicine and one year work experience as an acupuncturist in a similar Chinese medicinal clinic with Ziwu Liuzhu and plum blossom acupuncture, and filiform needle techniques in addition to a valid Florida State Acupuncturist License.