The Best Trained Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist In Tampa Bay Area

Over 38 Years in TCM Field

Studied At The Best Medical School In China - Beijing University Of Chinese Medicine

Chairman Of Many National Acupuncture Organizations

Studied Under The #1 Chinese Medicine Expert In The World

Have knowledge For Both Chinese & Western Medicine

The Only TCM & Acupuncture Clinical PhD In Entire Tampa Bay Area

Leading Professor Of Acupuncture In Tampa Bay For Over 24 Years

One Of The Top Famous Scholars National and international wide

Serve As A Regular Speaker In All National Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Conferences - Over 300 Events

Author/Co-Author Of More Than 20 Medical Books

Author/Co-Authored Articles In More Than 60 Academic Journals

Training Professor Of Most Acupuncturists in Florida

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Something you may concern:

Some people are under the impression that because acupuncture uses needles, the process is uncomfortable or painful. In reality, most patients at the Chinese Acupuncture And Herbal Center find their treatment to be not only pain-free, but quite soothing. And when you work with an acupuncturist at the Chinese Acupuncture And Herbal Center, you'll get personalized treatment that addresses your specific condition and concerns. Plus, as a patient, you'll benefit from Chinese Acupuncture And Herbal Center's:

Affordable rates

Flexible appointment scheduling

Convenient hours and locations

Warm, inviting approach to acupuncture

If you've never tried working with an acupuncturist before, now is the perfect time to give it a chance.

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